Monday, 6 October 2008

Without You I'm Nothing

One of my BFF's are leaving:(

Two more days with you at calling and walking distance, and then we'll be divided with only the world between us.

I know it'll probably be good for the both of us. Manage on our own, spreading our wings, and not come crying to each other whenever something happens. But my oh my, I will miss it. Sure, we've had some rows, and sure, distance makes the heart grow fonder. But Australia is a long way away, especially when you are difficult to get a hold of even when you live only a 5 minute walk away. So please, babe, DO let us know you are alive;)

It's been a joke in the BFF group for a while that we need to be separated (as we know, jokes often tend to have a bit of seriousness in them). This probably because as enemies, we are a force of destruction that pulls everything and everyone around us into our black hole. As friends, however, I'd say we are equally deadly, perhaps even more so, and even in our darkest hour, anyone who DARES interfere will find him/herself anything but thanked for the effort.

I'll miss you so much. I'll miss the way you see through me SO easily. Without judging me. I'll miss the way you understand, the way we understand each other. I'll miss your sense of humour. But most of all, I'll miss bugging Shooga and Miss Chris Crocker by talking too loud at the movies. (Well, that and watching Twin with you...).

I wish you the best of experiences, and that you find what you are looking for. And when you are ready to come back, I'll be right here, ready with a bottle of red, Twin and guakkis. Loves ya baby!! *kiss kiss kiss*

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Sukkerspinn said...

:( Æ blir så trist...
I'll miss her too. Muchos! Ka skjer med gjengen no liksom?...
Du kan sikkert klare å irritere oss på kino fortsatt, Zigs, no worries. Men det blir nok litt vanskeligere enn før;)