Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi Dangarembga

Just finished reading this amazing novel. Recommended! Here's an excerpt I found to be very striking:

"...It stung too saltily, too sharply and agonisingly the sensitive images that the women had of themselves, images that were really no more than reflections. But the women had been taught to recognize these reflections as self and it was frightening even now to even begin to think that, the very facts which set them apart as a group, as women, as a certain kind of person, were only myths; frightening to acknowledge that generations of threat and assault and neglect had battered these myths into the extreme, dividing the reality they faced, of the Maigurus or the Lucias. So instead of broadening from both positions, instead of an encompassing expansion and a growth, the fear made it necessary to tighten up. Each retreated more resolutely into their roles, pretending while they did that they were actually advancing, had in fact initiated an offence, when really, for each one of them, it was a last solitary, hopeless defence of the security of their illusions." (p. 138).

Fiction is truth.

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Sukkerspinn said...

Ah, du fiksa, flinkis :)
Regne me æ ser dæ på uni klokka 12 sharp i mårra ja?
Fine bloggen. *mwah*