Friday, 17 June 2011

Tromsø Bibliotek

Like many booklovers, bookshops can keep me busy for hours. Despite working in one myself, browsing the shelves of any given bookshop is an utter pleasure. It's also nice to be able to do that in beautiful surroundings, and so I've decided to post entries about my fave book browsing places.

The first one is not a bookshop, but the library in my home town Tromsø, which makes me really proud to be a "Tromsøværing". It used to be a movie theatre back in the day, and while the roof, which somewhat resembles the Sydney Opera house, has remained, the walls have been replaced with glass, which gives lots of natural light during summer, and makes it modern and warm.

It has become a vibrant place where people come to study, read books and newspapers, surf the net, do homework, attend literature events, or simply hang out. My fave spot is on the third floor, occupying one of the reading chairs in front of the window overlooking town. Inspiring and comfortable to look at the people passing by outside, going about their lives.

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