Saturday, 28 May 2011

Book Art

I just love artistic things made with/of/connected to books. A total book nerd, in other words. I think I'll have to get a tattoo at some point with something bookish. Just have to figure out what.

This creation was part of Discovery Health's "knowledge is the new currency"-campaign, and I think it's really awesome! It is designed by Global Mouse. I saw it in the wonderful Exclus1ve Books, Hyde Park, and I just *had* to take a pic! But most of all I wanted to take it home with me... An entry in Forlagsliv, publishing house Cappelen Damm's blog, had pics from a book dress in a Fretex window, and I'm reposting some here... I just love love love this dress! How kewl it would be to wear something like this!

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