Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Blood of Dragons by Robin Hobb | A worthy conclusion

The long anticipated conclusion to the Rain Wild Chronicles (and the trilogies set in the same world) is finally here. It was with more than a little nostalgic ambivalence I finished the last lines. Leaving this universe I've come to love so much is really sad, but finally I have some more answers to the mysteries left behind since reading The Farseer Trilogy. I just hope Hobb next decides to play with the pieces of string left that still haven't fully been elaborated upon.

In Blood of Dragons we continue following the dragons and their keepers after they've finally reached their destiny, the ancient Elderling city of Kelsingra. However, there are still numerous challenges facing them. Malta and Reyn's child Phron is dying, as their dragon Tintaglia hasn't been present to guide his growth. Tintaglia herself is in an equally bad state after a nasty encounter with Chalcedeans set on slaying her. And in Chalced, Tintaglia's singer Selden is being bled to keep the duke alive.

As the different characters have to deal with major challenges in their lives, their gusto and their qualities are tested. Usually, the good characters evolve and grow, whereas the bad just get worse and worse, before finally getting "what they deserve". Of all of the Hobb's series I've read, this is probably the most harmless, but it works really well in giving fans of her older trilogies answers to all of the mysteries they've dappled with. It's like meeting old friends again. Only disappointment was that I was hoping Fitz would appear on one of the pages. But hopefully Hobb is saving him for (yet) an even more epic finale.

I love Hobb's writing, and this amazing universe she's created. I read Hobb when I want to feel happy and to be transported to a place only she can take me. I truly wonder what she'll do next. However sad I must be to leave this world behind, it can be nothing to how she must have felt writing the last line in the book.

Thank you Robin Hobb for always delivering. 

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