Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Anticipation of the year: Here and Now: Letters by Paul Auster and J M Coetzee

I am SO excited about the upcoming Here and Now: Letters (2008-2011) by Paul Auster and J M Coetzee which is due for release in March this year. What an intriguing clash of minds! I have read and enjoyed novels by both authors, and although they are very different, they also share some traits, especially in their metafictional focus.

According to Amazon, the authors met in 2008 and Coetzee later got in touch with Auster suggesting they should be pen pals! How cute! I simply cannot wait to read what these two masters of their craft have debated in their letters to each other, so I'm praying one of the publishing reps will stop by with a preview copy soon. 


Michał Januszko said...

I'm also waiting for "Here and Now" but sadly the translation in my (Polish) language will be published in early 2014. That means long waiting or expensive importing of the original version.

Sigrid said...

Sorry about that! We just got copies in my bookshop so it's next on my to-read list. But this year is full of good books. Too many books - too little time!