Saturday, 10 September 2011

Gyldendals XS - LIKE!

I just started reading the Norwegian translation of Damon Galgut's In a Strange Room. Gyldendal, the Norwegian publisher, has decided to publish the book in their XS-series, a series that appeals to me both esthetically and thematically.

The XS-series are translated hardcover titles in a smaller format, so they fit nicely inside my handbag, and look super cute lined up on a bookshelf together.

I also love the XS conept (freely translated excerpt from Gyldendal's website):
The XS - series consists of books which might not be physically big, but which still has a large literary potential.
The XS-series houses original, "genreless" works which brings new perspectives, thoughts and literary images into Norwegian literature.
The titles are innovative and the reader will not have encoutered such a book before.

XS can stand for excess, as something that transgresses borders.
XS can stand for extra large, or extra small, and this dichotomy fits the series.

The design is also pretty awesome. Small, cute and clean. I like a lot.

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